“Soprano Charlotte Janssen immediately caught the attention because of her wonderful timbre and enormous volume. Amongst others arias she sang 'Vissi d'arte'(Tosca) and Klänge der Heimat (Der Fledermaus) beautifully. “

Edesche concertzaal, November 17 2014


“Dutch soprano Charlotte Janssen, who sang Silvia Lombardi (Korngold), impressed with her expressive timbre. In the duet with Mexican baritone Emmanuel Franco as fashion designer Andrea Coclé she moved the audience to tears with beautiful, emotional melodies.”

Paperpress, August 14 2014 (Berlin)


“The very promising voices were combined with acting talent. Above all by Charlotte Janssen – Who we could hear earlier as cranky Marcellina in Le Nozze di Figaro – who performed the lixuriant diva with the naughty glance. With her radiant timbre she sails over the demanding melodies with a smile, while Korngold, even in this operetta, asks for voices trained for grand opera.”

Caroline Alexander, Webtheatre france, Augustus 14 2014


“Charlotte Janssen is an overwhelming Silvia Lombardi (Korngold) with a very powerful voice and humoristic presence.”

Moritz Eckert, Der Tagesspiegel, August 15 2014 (Berlin)


“... And with moving songs, beautifully sung by Charlotte Janssen as charming and seductive diva, people simply had to hum along.”

Nikole Haarhoff, www.livekritik.de, August 18 2014


“In the Vondelchurch in Amsterdam I was blown away by soprano Charlotte Janssen. Dauntlessly she used her voice, a sound full of red forerst fruits.

Joyce Roodnat, NRC Handelsblad, November 30 2013


“Above all Charlotte Janssen (Marcellina) steals the show as a wonderful actrice.”

Peter van der Lint, Trouw, 5 Augustus 2013


“Marcellina – Charlotte Janssen, is a vivacious comedienne with a flexible voice and impeccable projection. She has a full and colorful timbre that reminds of the great 'Verdian-heroines'.”

Webtheatre france, Caroline Alexander, Augustus 2013